Comprehensive trade agreement between the US and UK to be discussed next week

The United Kingdom and the United States will discuss a new trade agreement between the two countries starting next week. This is especially important for the British, because a new agreement with the Americans was an important point of Brexit supporters.

The first consultation will take place on Monday 21 and Tuesday 22 March in the American city of Baltimore. A second round of talks in the UK will follow Later this spring.

The United Kingdom left the European Union two years ago. This means that it will have to conclude new trade agreements with many countries. An agreement with the US is one of the most important, since the trade between them is almost 240 billion euros a year. The leaders in London also want to show that they are able to conclude a good agreement without the EU.

The American business newspaper Wall Street Journal recently wrote that the agreement should include agreements on solving logistics problems, making it more sustainable, digitizing and improving working conditions.

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