Not much is known about the New York subway attack

Police goes after an unidentified man in gas mask and an orange vest, some reports are saying that the suspect is apprehended

At least thirteen people were injured Tuesday after shots were fired at a New York subway station. This is reported by local media based on sources within the local fire department. Five of the wounded would have been shot.

The shots were said to have been fired around 8: 30 a.m. local time on one of the platforms of the 36th Street subway station in the Brooklyn neighborhood. At that time, the morning rush hour was in the city of millions.

According to The New York Times, five people were killed. A number of others would have been injured by a detonated explosive, reports ABC7 NY. The explosion has not yet been officially confirmed.

Not much is known about the New York subway attack

Thirteen people were taken to the hospital, CNN reported. It is unknown how they are. Police are looking for a man with a gas mask and an orange vest. They suspect it is a single perpetrator.

Police are searching metro tunnels. The emergency services are massively present. Photos of eyewitnesses can be seen wounded. There is also blood on the platform. Some of the injured would have fled by subway to other stations, reports NBC New York.

There would be smoke in the subway station. It was a smoke grenade. Metro traffic is quiet. The police advise people to avoid the area around the metro station. Firefighters reported finding explosives. Police said they were not on high alert.

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