Congress panicked because of parachutes’ sightings over the Capitol

It's super-disgraceful but well in line

The U.S. Capitol has been evacuated due to a small plane that was seen as a threat. Police evacuated the U.S. parliament building because of “a likely threat,” but only members of the army’s competition parachute team were found on board the military aircraft. They were not aware of evil.

The game team, the Golden Knights, jumped into the Washington Nationals Stadium for a scheduled show prior to a baseball game. The police were unaware of this and raised the alarm. Shortly after the Congress building was cleared, the police also became aware of what was going on and the safety warnings were withdrawn again.

The exact cause of the incident is not yet clear, but something seems to have gone wrong in the communication between the defense and the police. The consequences could have been much greater for the paratroopers: the airspace around the Capitol and other government buildings is heavily guarded, including with anti-aircraft guns. As far as is known, this has not been sharpened.

The speaker of the House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, says Congress will investigate exactly what went wrong. She puts the blame on the US aviation authority (FAA), which, according to her, did not inform the police about the paratrooper show.

“Disgraceful and unforgivable,” Pelosi said, adding that many people were shocked.

On January 6 last year, thousands of supporters of then-President Trump stormed the Capitol, where Congress then had to officially determine the results of the presidential election won by Biden. For many Americans-employees on Capitol Hill in particular-that storming is etched in the memory, which helps explain today’s rapid evacuation.

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