ISS maneuvers through a cloud of space debris

The International Space Station deviated from its orbit last weekend to avoid a collision with space debris. By turning on the engines of the docked Russian supply ship Progress MS-18 for ten minutes, damage could be prevented.

The propulsion system was launched on Saturday at 16: 25 (Moscow time) to make the station go 1 meter per second faster, the Russian space agency Roskosmos announced on Saturday via chat service Telegram.

The distance at which the ISS circles the earth increased by 1.8 kilometers after the corrective maneuver. The flight altitude is now at least 413.91 kilometers and a maximum of 437.54 kilometers.

On average, the track is adjusted eleven times a year. Due to the increase in space debris, it is expected that this should happen more and more often. These include decommissioned satellites and missile debris.

In the meantime, experiments are being carried out on shelling debris with lasers in order to make it burn faster in the atmosphere.

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