Ian is weakened, but not harmless, more hurricanes on the way

Due to Hurricane Ian, millions of homes and commercial buildings in the United States are without power. The hurricane has now weakened to Category 1, but the danger has not yet subsided.

The hurricane has caused a storm surge of about 3.6 meters high in some coastal towns. The storm surge led to major flooding, but according to Florida State governor Ron DeSantis, the water on the coast is not rising any further as the hurricane moves inland.

Ian weakened a few hours after it came ashore off the island of Cayo Costa from the second heaviest Category 4 to Category 3. Even before 22: 00 (local time), the hurricane weakened further to Category 2, with wind speeds of up to 169 kilometers per hour.

Meanwhile, the hurricane is one of the first category, with wind speeds of 145 kilometers per hour. These, too, can have even more devastating consequences.

The expectation was already that Ian would slowly but surely weaken above land. But certainly until Thursday serious nuisances must be taken into account.
Many homes and businesses without power, residents stuck in houses

About two million homes and commercial buildings are without electricity. In Collier County, south of where Ian came ashore, several people are trapped in their homes due to the high water, a police spokesman reports.

DeSantis says 250 planes and helicopters, 1,600 vehicles and 300 boats have been put on standby to be able to fire at civilians as soon as possible.

Many images of the storm are shared on social media. American weatherman Mike Bettes shared on Twitter an image showing that the water is almost 2 meters high in the streets along the coast. For example, a photo shows that the Flamingos of the Sunken Gardens botanical garden have been brought to safety in the toilets.

Images on social media also show that streets on the Florida coast are blank, that cars are almost going head-down and that trees bend in a horizontal position due to the wind.

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