Starlink will limit data usage above 1TB in US and Canada

No longer an unlimited and uncapped

Starting in December, Starlink will limit satellite internet to home users when customers use more than 1TB of data per month during peak hours. After exceeding 1TB, users are reset to lower speeds.

The change is part of a new fair use policy and currently only applies to users in the United States and Canada. Between 7:00 and 23:00, how much a customer uses is tracked. If the 1TB limit is exceeded, the Priority Access will be changed to Basic Access for the rest of the billing period.

Basic Access means that users can still use the internet, but at lower speeds. The consumption between off-peak hours, from 23:00 to 7: 00, is not counted for the limit. According to Starlink, less than ten percent of users use more than 1TB of data.

To get more Priority Access data, users have to pay 25 cents per GB. Users ‘ data usage can be viewed through the Starlink app or the website. Also, additional Priority Access data can be purchased there if the limit is exceeded.

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