Mass shooting at the Crimean college left 19 dead

According to the Russian Ministry of Health at least nineteen dead and dozens injured in an attack on a college in the city of Kerch. According to the authorities in Crimea, the attacker is an 18-year-old student of the school.…

US strike in Somalia killed 60 jihadists

60 fighters of the al-Shabaab terrorist movement have been killed in an air strike in Somalia, says the USAF command representative. That happened at Friday in the neighborhood of Harardhere, in the center of the country. (more…)

Palm launches unusual phone

New phone from the classic Palm brand hit the market. The device is intended as a secondary telephone next to a smartphone. (more…)

Digital security: WhatsApp fraud is rising

Cybersecurity issues had managed to climb to the top news, while small and medium sized companies as well as individuals are still lagging behind the trend. Their mail is often insecure, data storage facilities obsolete and passwords are…