Travelers demand compensation of 1.3 million euros from Ryanair

The victims of the strikes at Ryanair have claimed damages of 1.3 million euros. Most of the claims in the Netherlands come from travelers who had to fly via Eindhoven Airport.

This is shown by figures from the NOS and a reaction from a spokesperson for EUclaim. In EUclaim alone, nearly 4500 Dutch, Belgians and Germans submitted a request for compensation. “It is that Ryanair deployed strikebreakers in Eindhoven on 10 August, otherwise the number of people at Eindhoven Airport would have been much higher,” says a spokesperson. ,, We expect that the claims to Ryanair will only increase more, given the intention of Ryanair staff to stop again. ”


According to EUclaim, it is a given that the Irish price fighter is doing everything to sabotage claims to their address. Travelers with complaints barely penetrate until the organization and claim agencies receive threatening letters from the company that does not wish to cooperate with ‘intermediaries’.

The company says that strikes are ‘extraordinary circumstances’ and that is why they do not have to pay for anything. “The European Court of Justice, the Dutch judge and we think very differently. We will take these claims to court for as long as they have been paid out, “said the EUclaim spokesperson.

Claim agency even says that it represents 21,000 travelers: “Ryanair is just trying to lurk its passengers. On a good day in high season we get an average of 250 Ryanair claims a day. We received most Ryanair claims in 2018 from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France.

Ryanair finds the thousands of claims unjustified and shields with a recent judgment of a judge in Spain. It ruled that the internal strikes are no reason for passenger compensation.

Jacob Mills

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