Palm launches unusual phone

New phone from the classic Palm brand hit the market. The device is intended as a secondary telephone next to a smartphone.

Today the new Palm was presented. This is the first time a device comes out with the name Palm after HP taken over the brand in 2011. A startup from San Francisco bought the brand name and now the first smartphone has been presented. It is a small Android phone with a 3.3 inch screen. That is almost half of the iPhone XS Max.

The phone has little to do with the pocket computers with which the Palm brand created a furor in the 1990s. “It’s more of a very big smartwatch than a very small phone,” says tech journalist Dieter Bohn of The Verge. All Android apps run on it, but the phone is so small that you are likely to get bored quickly.

That is also the idea of ​​the phone: it is meant to use the smartphone only for the much needed and then continue with your life.

Not for sale

In addition, the phone can not be purchased separately. The device is only available to Verizon subscribers as an extra telephone. The customers had to pay $8 per month extra.

That means that they therefore take an extra slightly dumb phone alongside their smartphone, so that they can choose to spend less time immersed in their phone. There is even a Life Mode on the phone, in which all notifications and telephone traffic are blocked in sleep mode. In it the phone goes days, maybe even weeks.

The phone can be ordered starting November.

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