Hostage taker in German Cologne is a refugee from Syria

The German authorities have uncovered the identity of the hostage taker who was arrested in Cologne. It is a 55-year-old Syrian refugee. The man is still in a coma, but according to the police his life is not in danger.

The hostage taker was seriously injured yesterday when the police launched an attack at the railway station in the city. The suspect has thrown a Molotov cocktail in a fast food restaurant at the station. As a result of the explosion a 14-year-old girl was injured. The Syrian then went to the pharmacy nearby where he took a woman in hostage. Police shot him.

After identity of the criminal was established police officers came to the man’s home in a shelter for refugees. That is where researchers put their discovered evidence of the preparation of the attack. The police have not yet been able to question the Syrian, but they suppose he had not planned the hostage. The McDonald’s would have been his only target.

German police suggestion that hostage taking and firebombing of the restaurant was not premeditated makes a little sense and reminds of the rumors that police got the instruction from the government to suppress the speculation on possible Islamic terrorism links.

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