US may loose a war with Russia or China

Hypothetical conflict with either Russia or China will not end well

Despite US spends trillions on the defense the prospects in the all-out conflict with Russia or China (or both) are dim. Losses will rise quickly to the level of social unacceptably level and the war will be lost, the document says. Keep in mind that Russian defense budget is less than four times less that that of the late Soviet Union and nearly 10 times smaller than of the USA.

The report is one of the most alarming of the past ten years about how the US now stands for military. Due to, among other things, military austerity measures, the technological progress of China and Russia and the spread worldwide of modern weapons, it is no longer certain that the US can win a large-scale war.

The authors of the report, twelve defense experts, say that the US may lose, inter alia, in a conflict with the Russians around the Baltic countries, and if China rapidly adopts an invasion of Taiwan. Beijing in particular could make it difficult for the US Navy to do military intervention.

Both countries now have such hypermodern precision weapons, such as the Russian Kalibr cruise missile and the Chinese DF-21, that they can torpedo American aircraft carriers and threaten combat aircraft.

America’s opponents have become stronger, bolder and more aggressive in 2018, according to the National Defense Strategy Commission. The committee was set up by the now-deceased Republican senator John McCain. Even North Korea, according to the experts, could launch the US with a surprise attack on Seoul: military intervention, at the expense of heavy losses, or accepting the situation.

Huge losses predicted

In the event of a conflict, the US would face major problems to gain control over the sea and the sky, crucial for a military victory.

“To say what it says: the American army can lose the next war with a country,” according to the reporters, including former generals, a former CIA director and national security experts.

“Russia and China challenge the US and its allies on a much larger scale than any other opponent since the end of the Cold War,” argue the reporters.

“If the US has to fight Russia in a Baltic crisis or against China in a war on Taiwan, then the US can face a decisive military defeat,” the experts warn. “The US military can suffer unacceptably high losses or lose a lot of important military equipment. It can be very difficult to win or even lose a war against China or Russia. ‘

Safety crisis

In the last decade, the Pentagon and think tanks also warned that the US loses military strength, despite the fact that some 620 billion euros are spent annually on Defense. But unlike these reports, the committee concludes that the US is already in a national security crisis.

The commission criticizes the declining defense budgets since 2012 as a result of the fiscal crises in Washington. For example, between 2012 and 2019, some EUR 475 billion was cut back on military spending. “As the world became increasingly dangerous, the US weakened its defense,” the military experts argue. “America’s military superiority has been weakened to a dangerous level. If we do not act quickly, then the consequences will be serious. ‘

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