Mexicans are not happy with ‘asylum seekers’

It is not only USA vs the Horde, there is Mexico too

Residents of the Mexican border town of Tijuana went out on the streets yesterday to demonstrate against migrants from Central America. Migrants from the so-called ‘caravan’ are settled in their city, hoping to reach the United States.

More than 3,000 migrants have now arrived in Tijuana after a long journey from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatamala. They ‘dream for a better life’ in the US.

According to the Mexican government, the number of migrants can rise to 10,000. Residents of Tijuana are already fed up. They protested with Mexican flags and sang the national anthem, about 1.6 kilometers from the border.

According to the Mexicans, the migrants make a mess of their city, they are ungrateful and pose a danger to Tijuana. They call the arrival of migrants to Mexico an ‘invasion’. Which is it.

The same word used the American president Trump. He has sent soldiers to the border to stop the migrant caravan. The expectation is that the migrants will therefore have to stay in Tijuana.

The mayor of Tijuana said that the city is going to have trouble to cope with the flow of migrants. The city has about 1.6 million inhabitants. The mayor has already asked for more help from the government.

Tijuana has converted a sports center and a leisure complex into a ‘refugee center’. The different reception location is almost full. Some of the migrants have also been drawn to other border cities.

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