Facebook’s internal documents seized at the request of British parliament

The British Parliament has confiscated internal documents from Facebook. Damian Collins, the chairman of a British parliamentary committee that conducts investigation on privacy policy, speaks of it as an “extraordinary step”.

The documents would contain information about Facebook’s privacy decisions, reports The Guardian. Among the files there would also be e-mail correspondence between top staff, including director Mark Zuckerberg.

The British parliament has asked Zuckerberg several times to testify. The country is also the initiator of an international privacy commission that wants to hear Facebook. The Facebook founder refuses to comply with the request of this committee.

Facebook came under attack early this year after the revelations surrounding the Cambridge Analytica data company. This company managed to acquire (i.e. bought) personal information from Facebook users, who were then used for political advertising in the United States.

In October, Facebook was fined 500,000 pounds for negligence regarding the protection of personal data of Facebook users. The company wants to challenge the fine.

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