United States still wants to get Meng Wanzhou

The United States has informed the Canadian government that they want to continue with the formal request for extradition from the financial top woman of telecommunications giant Huawei, Meng Wanzhou. That reports the Canadian newspaper The Globe And Mail.

Wanzhou is suspected by the US of violating sanctions imposed on Iran. The Canadian ambassador to the US, David McNaughton, said in an interview in the paper that the US had announced that it was asking for the extradition of Meng, but he did not say when the formal extradition request was filed by the US. The deadline for this is 30 January according to the diplomat.

According to the newspaper, Huawei did not want to respond to the current legal case. China said Tuesday that the United States and Canada are abusing their extradition treaty in the case of Meng Wanzhou. China repeated the call to release Meng. “Any person with a reasonable judgment would come to the conclusion that Canada was mistaken in its actions,” said a spokesman for the Foreign Office.

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