Facebook has removed 22 pages that are linked to Alex Jones

Facebook has removed 22 pages that are linked to the American conspiracy thinker Alex Jones, reports The Verge. These are pages that were active in the United States and Brazil, says a Facebook spokesperson.

The pages were created before August, when Facebook removed four pages from Jones and its InfoWars website.

Facebook tells The Verge that Jones was not the manager of all 22 deleted pages. However, all pages had an administrator who was also active on a page removed in August.

In January, Facebook announced a new policy where pages that appear on previously deleted pages are not allowed. This is the first time the company has taken action based on this policy.

With his platform InfoWars, Jones has built a career that consists of spreading disinformation. He claimed, among other things, that the American government is behind 9/11 and that the deadly shooting at the Sandy Hook primary school in 2012 has been staged.

The American conspiracy thinker is still active on Facebook with his own profile. He may also make new pages, as long as they do not resemble previously banned pages.

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