New Battle Royale Games breaks all records and Epic Games intervenes

Not long ago, Fortnite was the undisputed leader in the Battle Royale game field with unprecedented popularity. That suddenly ended last week when developer EA launched Apex Legends. This new, free game breaks all records and has 25 million players in a week’s time. In addition, expert guides and starters’ guides appear everywhere on the internet.

Meanwhile the first comparisons with Fortnite have been made and developer Epic Games is not happy with that. Apex Legend, for example, gets an average of 70,000 viewers more on Twitch than Fortnite. At top moments, Apex even reached 150,000 viewers. Incidentally, Fortnite’s figures have not dropped compared to that. It is therefore purely the own popularity that Apex Legends puts in these statistics on one. Fortnite players such as Ninja and Dr DisRespect are now also playing almost only Apex Legends.

Fortnite developer Epic Games feels that something has to be done and has intervened. She places paid ads in Google over the results of searches that people enter for Apex Legends. This shows that serious competition is seen in this latest Battle Royale game. The Battle Royale between these two games will be undoubtedly amazing.

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