New photo mode introduced to Pokémon Go

Now you can share your imaginative critters with your imaginative friends

Niantic has announced a new photo mode for Pokémon Go. This allows users to pose for the samples in the real world for photos. The photo mode is called Go Snapshot, Niantic writes on his website on Tuesday. The feature is not yet available in the Pokémon Go app, but should appear “soon” on iOS and Android.

The app uses augmented reality via the smartphone camera to place Pokémons in the area. People choose where the doll should stand by tapping on the screen. For example, Niantic placed a Psyduck between real ducks in an example.

To use Go Snapshot, players select a Pokémon. Then tap players on the screen to put the Pokémon in the indicated location. After that, the figure can still be moved. People can then walk closer to the Pokémon to choose the right angle for the photo. Pictures are saved on the phone.

Pokémon Go already had a photo mode, but the updated version places samples according to the developer more realistic in the environment. This way shadows are displayed more accurately and Pokémons have different animations for different poses.

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