Oppo joins foldable frenzy

Chinese telephone manufacturer Oppo has shared images showing a foldable phone from the company. The device is similar to the Mate X of Huawei.

The photos were shared on Weibo by Oppo CEO Brian Shen. For the time being it would be a prototype. In the message accompanying the photos, Shen reports that there must first be enough demand for folding telephones before Oppo puts his model on the market.

On the images you can see that the screen is placed on the outside. As with the Mate X of Huawei, there is a thicker edge on one side of the device, which the screen connects to when it is closed. This makes the phone flat in folded condition.

Space has been made in the edge for parts such as camera lenses. To see the screen itself quite thick edges. The display is rounded in the corners.

More details about the prototype are not known. For example, it is unclear what the screen dimensions are and what kind of display it exactly is.

Oppo showed earlier this week his first 5G phone on MWC and a camera module that smartphone users reportedly ten times without quality loss can zoom.

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