Foldable Samsung bound to be a rarity

Unless you are in circles that went well into the limp, the chances are very small that your Samsung Galaxy Fold may ever be seen with the naked eye. Samsung says to The Verge that the Galaxy Fold as an exclusive smartphone on the market want to bring.

This means that the Koreans, among other things, take it easy with the production of the device. This is in contrast to the Galaxy S10, which will really be a volume model. The Galaxy Fold will therefore not just be spotting in the store. The mysterious exclusive sauce that Samsung gives to the Galaxy Fold should give buyers a special feeling. At the introduction, journalists were also not allowed to immediately start using the smartphone in Barcelona.

Kate Beaumont of Samsung says they first look at the demand for the Galaxy Fold. This will be anticipated with regard to the production of the expensive smartphone. The sale of the Galaxy Fold will start on 26 April. The foldable smartphone costs $ 1,980.

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