Manning decided to go to jail rather to testify against Assange and WikiLeaks

The American whistleblower Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning has to go back to the cell because she refuses to testify in a WikiLeaks case, reports the Associated Press (AP) news agency on Friday. A general court in state of Virginia ruled Friday that Manning should be detained, after she confirmed during an interrogation not to have the intention to testify.

Manning remains stuck until the whistleblower decides whether to testify to the jury, who decides whether an indictment is filed in the case, has completed his work.

The whistleblower was known when she leaked secret documents to WikiLeaks as intelligence officer in Iraq. In 2013 Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison, but she was released in 2017 after a grace of former President Barack Obama. Manning was recently summoned as a witness in the WikiLeaks investigation conducted by prosecutors in Virginia. The whistleblower has said that she has already told everything she knows about WikiLeaks in the military court.

In the case, Manning spoke against the working method of a jury, which consists of a group of citizens and a witness may be questioned without the presence of a lawyer. “The idea that there is such a thing as an independent jury is no longer of this time,” she said earlier.

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