Brave browser claims that it uses 35 percent less power than Chrome

The battery life of a smartphone depends on a number of factors. If you go Netflix, the usage will fly skyhigh. If you are only use modest apps, then it is not too bad. Surfing the internet can also be of great importance. Active internet and the loading of large sites has an impact on the battery life.

It is therefore a struggle for makers of internet browsers to make a browser that is as efficient as possible and that uses as little battery as possible. Now you can use well-known browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Safari or Chrome, but there are also new internet browsers on the market that give a fresh look at the possibilities.

For example, Brave claims that its Android internet browser uses no less than 35 percent less battery while surfing the internet compared to Google Chrome. For the comparison, a Samsung Galaxy S9 was used that had to load 20 news sites. You could effortlessly browse for 6.8 hours via Brave. On Chrome the surfing fun was over after 4.4 hours.

An even greater performance was achieved on Microsoft Edge, namely 39 percent. In comparison to Firefox, Brave is even 50 percent more efficient, the company said. Brave says to use a construction that uses less network and therefore less computing power of the smartphone. Please note, the research is from Brave itself.

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