Electronic Arts fired 350 employees

Japanese and Russian offices disbanded

EA fired 350 employees on Tuesday, director Andrew Wilson reported in a news release. This concerns almost 4 percent of the entire workforce of the company.

These are jobs of people who are not directly involved in the development of games. In particular, people who worked in the marketing and publishing business of EA were considered redundant.

Wilson speaks of a difficult day in his message.

“These are important but very difficult decisions that we do not make lightly.”

The redundancies were needed to “solve problems and prepare for opportunities that lie ahead”. The director states that the company will have less presence in Japan and Russia.

“We are looking at other ways to serve players in those countries.”

An EA spokesperson told Kotaku that the company is looking at opportunities to offer people other roles within the company. The company would also help people find a new job.

At the beginning of this year employees were also fired at game publisher Activision Blizzard. That company involved eight hundred people.

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