Outlook busted by unknown hackers, data leak confirmed

Microsoft has sent an unknown number of users of Outlook.com an e-mail with the message that they must change their password. The e-mail shows that a hacker had access to some of the user’s data.

In the message you can read that some accounts were not properly protected between January 1, 2019 and March 28, 2019. A hacker gained access to a number of accounts via the account of a customer service employee at Microsoft.

The hacker could see who had been contacted, what the subject of the email was and what the names of the folders in the mailbox were.

Microsoft emphasizes that no passwords have been captured and that other information is secure. The hacker is no longer able to access the information, but Microsoft advises users to set a new password after all.

It is not known what type of hack it is or how many accounts are at risk. Microsoft says in a response to The Verge that some accounts were indeed not properly protected for a certain period, but did not want to go into the details.

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