FAA inspects Boeing Dreamliner factory in South Carolina

Boeing is more stringently inspected by the American aviation regulator FAA after safety complaints at one of the aircraft manufacturer’s factories. That’s what the American newspaper The New York Times writes. Employees at a factory in North Charleston, South Carolina, had complained. Boeing is building the 787 Dreamliner there.

There have been three investigations in that factory since September, according to emails available to The New York Times. In addition, the FAA is investigating a claim that one of the employees would have been pressured to sign for the airworthiness of a device. The newspaper wrote last month that the factory in North Charleston has problems with production and supervision that could jeopardize the safety of the devices produced.

According to a Boeing spokesperson, strict controls by the company itself and the FAA do not allow this.

“All our planes are checked several times and subjected to test flights.”

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