American senator comes with bill against loot boxes in games

Those boxes of evil shall be banned

An American senator announces a law prohibiting “manipulative” design in games. This includes the sale of loot boxes.

The proposed law prohibits the sale of these types of lottery boxes for people under the age of 18. At loot boxes, players buy virtual crates without knowing what is in them in advance.

Senator Josh Hawley says that children “should not be exploited with these types of earnings models.” The law must first be approved for introduction into the United States.

Also game mechanics where players can spend money to become stronger in the game, should no longer be accessible to minors. The same applies to systems that encourage people to spend money to make progress faster in a game.

Popular games such as Overwatch, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and FIFA contain this type of game mechanism. These systems can also be found more often in mobile games.

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