Google warns US government on Huawei ban

National security may be endangered if the United States continues to implement the major export restrictions on Chinese Huawei. That is what the American tech company Google told the Trump government about, writes the British business newspaper Financial Times based on sources.

Due to a ban, Google could no longer update its Android operating system on Huawei’s smartphones. It would also invite the Chinese to come up with their own operating system. According to Google, similar Chinese software would be more susceptible to hacks. Huawei itself has already indicated “very quickly” with its own operating system. Google in turn tries to continue doing business with Huawei.

The tech giant would urge Washington to get an exemption from the Huawei ban. This was established by the US after trade negotiations between the US and China were stalled. Several tech companies have already said they fear the consequences of the measures against the Chinese technology group.

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