Facebook it is who decides now what is false

Natural News acc suspended for 'spreading disinformation'

Facebook has suspended the page of the Natural News conspiracy website because it disseminated incorrect information about, among other things, vaccinations. That writes The Daily Beast.

The right-wing medium Natural News spread disinformation and conspiracy theories. The page also called for arrests of left-wing people. Almost three million people followed the network on Facebook.

Natural News founder Mike Adams has confirmed that his site is “permanently banned”. Facebook has not responded yet. Natural News was already suspended on YouTube and Twitter. Google erased a large number of pages in its search engine in 2017. They were added later.

In a post on Natural News, Adams calls the banning of his website “online ethnic cleansing”.

“The techno-fascists, including Wikipedia, have decided that messages that question official reporting are not desirable on any platform of anybody. Anyone doubting the safety of toxic vaccinations and 5G masts is now being attacked, smeared and removed from the platform “

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