Huawei postponed the plan to overcome Samsung as World #1 phone maker

Huawei has abandoned its ambition to become the world’s largest mobile phone maker before the end of this year. That’s what Shao Yang, chief strategy officer at Huawei Consumer Business, said during the CES Asia conference, reports Reuters news agency.

Initially, the plan was to overtake Samsung in the fourth quarter. “But we now believe that this process could take longer,” said Yang. Huawei would currently produce between 500,000 and 600,000 a day.

Yang did not give a reason for missing the target, but it is clear that the measures taken by US President Donald Trump left his mark. Trump blacklisted Huawei on charges of cooperating in espionage by the Chinese government, which meant that certain American technology would no longer be supplied. This includes certain apps from Google for the Android operating system.

In Europe, the sale of Huawei mobile telephones has dropped by tens of percent, large telephone sellers report. Apple, which has iPhones made in China, reported on Monday that the capacity that its Taiwanese production partner Foxconn has outside the country is sufficient to serve the American market. The company is therefore less vulnerable to sanctions that America and China can take back and forth as the trade dispute.

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