Genius Media is confronting Google for using its content

Google deprived Genius Media of traffic by showing the lyrics

Genius Media accuses Google of using lyrics from its website to show search engine users when searching for the lyrics of a song, writes The Wall Street Journal Monday.

Google has been using Genius lyrics for a few years to display above search results, say website creators. When users google the lyrics of a song, it appears in a separate frame. People can then read the text directly, without clicking through to a website.

According to Genius, the number of visitors on the site is falling because Google is copying texts. Genius says he has proof of the copies and has already informed Google of this a few times.

Genius alternates the use of straight and curved apostrophes in lyrics in a specific way as a kind of watermark. The brackets can be converted to morse code according to the site. The signs together mean ‘red-handed’.

Google has announced in a statement that the lyrics are selected by partners. “We take the quality of information and creators very seriously and we keep our license partners responsible,” writes Google. The company investigates the case and says it will end agreements with third parties if they copy texts.

Genius is one of the best known websites on which lyrics are collected. The site has been around since 2009 and specialized in rap texts in the early years. Meanwhile, lyrics from many different music genres can be found.

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