Instagram makes recovering a hacked account easier making accounts easier to hack

Instagram tests a way to make it easier for people to return accounts if they have been hacked. In addition, it must become more difficult to take over accounts, according to the service. And contrary to the common sense.

The process to get a hacked account back will be simplified. According to Engadget, this is apparent from a test among a group of users.

With the current way to get a hacked account back, users must contact the Instagram service. For this they have to wait for an e-mail or they have to fill in a form online.

The new way is via the Instagram app. A hacked user enters the e-mail address or telephone number and is then sent a six-digit number. This allows the user to go back in his or her account, even if a malicious person has changed their account information in the meantime.

Instagram also ensures that a user name cannot be changed quickly if recent changes have been made to the account. This works according to Engadget already on Android, and the feature is also rolled out on iOS.

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