Google fixed the Nest vulnerability

Google has fixed an error where old owners of Nest security cameras could watch recordings via a third-party app after they sold their cameras. That’s what The Verge writes.

The former owners could continue to watch because of an error in the software if they had already deactivated their account. The person who had bought the Nest camera second-hand would not have noticed it.

A spokesperson for Google, Nest’s parent company, told The Verge that the problem had recently come to light after a tip. “These were Nest cameras that were linked via a third party. A solution has been released that is automatically installed on the Nest camera.”

The problem had to do with the connection between Nest and Wink, a home hub where the cameras could be operated. The Wink app also allowed users to continue to view after the installation of a new account.

It is unknown whether the error was misused and on what scale.

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