Google out of tablet business

Google will no longer make its own tablets, Computerworld writes. The company says that from now on the focus will be on laptops.

A Google spokesperson confirmed that there will be no follow-up to the Pixel Slate tablet from 2018. Reports from Computerworld show that Google was working on two smaller tablets, but their development was stopped earlier this week.

The news was announced to employees on Wednesday. According to the spokesperson, Google is now working on finding new projects for the employees who developed the tablets. Many of them would have already been transferred to the laptop department.

Computerworld writes that Google will continue to make its Pixel phones. The company also focuses on the development of laptops, such as the Pixelbook. With this device, the keyboard can be disconnected to use it as a tablet, but the laptop is not marketed as a tablet. The Pixelbook would have a successor before the end of 2019.

The Pixel Slate will continue to receive support in the coming years. This concerns software and security updates. This tablet was moderately received by reviewers when it appeared.

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