Game companies warn Trump about rates

Tragedy of national scale is forming

Americans will spend much more money on game consoles and other hardware for game consoles if the Trump government raises import tariffs on goods from China to 25 percent. Jobs will also be at risk and innovation and the economy will be affected. Major players in the Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony game industry write this in a letter to the White House.

According to the trio, the plans to increase import tariffs must be scrapped. An increase in rates will ensure that video game consoles become a quarter more expensive. They emphasized that 96 percent of the hardware is produced in China.

The American video game industry, according to the letter writers last year, generated a turnover of $ 43.4 billion, making a significant contribution to the economy. The sector provides direct and indirect employment for 220,000 Americans. The interest of this group is being thwarted by higher rates, while the bill lies with the consumer, they warn.

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