Three Starlink satellites gone offline

The US space company has lost contact with three of its sixty Starlink satellites, Space News reports on Monday based on the statement of a company spokesperson.

SpaceX launched its first sixty satellites for the Starlink network in May. With this network, the company wants to offer broadband internet in the future.

The three satellites with which the company has lost contact will be slowly drawn to the earth by gravity and burn in the atmosphere during that process.

In addition to the three non-functioning satellites, SpaceX is also going to take two healthy satellites out of their orbit. In this way, the company wants to show that it is able to actively disable the satellites.

The satellites, launched in May, are the first versions of artists for the Starlink network, which should eventually consist of hundreds of copies. SpaceX says it needs at least 420 satellites to actually be able to offer broadband internet.

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