Galileo European Global Navigation stuck in the technical issues

The European satellite navigation network Galileo is struggling with a major outage, European Global Navigation Systems Agency (GSA) reports at its website.

Galileo is the European counterpart of GPS, which belongs to the US Army. Due to “a technical incident in the basic infrastructure” the network is unreachable for receivers, such as smartphones and other devices.

Most devices will have switched to the GPS connection automatically. Depending on which chip is in the equipment, you can also switch to Chinese or Russian GLONAS networks.

The Galileo Search and Rescue service (SAR) does not experience any problems according to GSA. This service is used to help people in need in remote places, such as mountains or in the sea.

According to GSA, experts are working on solving the problems. It is still unclear when the malfunction has been resolved. An investigation into the cause has also been started.

Galileo is still in the start-up phase. The navigation system has been in use since 2016, after a development phase of seventeen years. Galileo is now using 22 operational satellites and 12 more are in the pipeline. GPS exists since 1978.

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