HongMeng OS may serve for IoT, not as a replacement for Android

For a while Huawei has given the idea that it has a replacement for Android ready. That is of course a well-considered move, because when Google withdrew its Android license for Huawei, the world got the impression that one of the biggest players in the smartphone market could lose a large part of its market share.

At the beginning of this month, however, it became clear that HongMeng OS would be more than a simple replacement for Android and that it could also run on IoT devices and self-driving cars, for example. However, it now seems that the OS would not at all serve to replace Android, but only to run IoT and OT applications.

This follows from an interview with Catherine Cheng, Senior Vice President of Huawei. The top woman indicated that the software is not even running on smartphones at the moment and that further development was not thought of. HongMeng OS would contain less code and be simpler, making the software more secure. The latter can certainly be interesting with IoT devices.

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