TomTom to test self-driving car

Map maker TomTom is going to test with a self-driving car. The Dutch company wants to try and improve its technology for this. The test car, which was designed and built in two years, was unveiled on Thursday in the run-up to the IAA car fair in Frankfurt, Germany. TomTom did not disclose when and where the test drives are being conducted.

The car has eight laser scanners, six radars, stereo cameras and a GPS system. They measure exactly where the car is and what the environment looks like. That information is constantly compared with the high-definition maps from TomTom. The car itself calculates how to drive to its destination.

“We can now continuously test our map technology on the road and also gain insight into how it performs under different circumstances,” says TomTom.

At the car show, TomTom also announced that the number of partially self-driving cars with TomTom maps has risen to more than one million. The company is also entering into a partnership with Hella Aglaia, a software supplier for the automotive industry. The two parties will work together to update the TomTom HD map in real time using camera data from vehicles.

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    Here is the car in action (in Berlin):

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