US blames Iran for drone attacks on Saudi oil industry

US Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo has accused Iran of attacking oil factories in Saudi Arabia on Saturday.

Pompeo ruled out Yemen’s involvement in the attacks and, according to him, Iran has dealt with “false diplomacy.”

He states that there is no evidence for the statement that the attacks would come from Yemen. But he himself does not report what evidence he has that Iran is to blame.

The leadership of the Houthi rebels in Yemen, with which Saudi Arabia has been in conflict for a long time, said after the attack that they had sent several drones to the oil fields.

Saudi and US government officials are investigating the possibility that the attack may have been carried out from Iran. They doubt the story of the Houthi rebels who have claimed the attack, reports the Wall Street Journal based on insiders.

Yet government officials from Saudi Arabia and the US suspect that cruise missiles from Iraq were used in the attack.

The attacks on a refinery and an oil field in Saudi Arabia caused major fires in the night from Friday to Saturday. Installations in Abaiq and Khurais were hit by ten drones. The largest oil installations in the world are located on the oil field of Abaiq.

Saudi state oil company Saudi Aramco has halved its oil production on Saturday after the attacks. Sources around the company reported that production was reduced by around 5 million barrels per day.

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