China waits for Trump’s impeachment outcome, does not want to conclude broad trade agreement

China is showing less and less willingness to conclude a broad trade deal with the United States. The Bloomberg news agency reports this based on insiders. In recent weeks, Chinese negotiators have met with their American counterparts in Beijing several times. The number of subjects that the Chinese were willing to review would have been considerably reduced.

Top-level negotiations will resume on Thursday. The Chinese top negotiator and Deputy Prime Minister Liu He travels to Washington, but would not make any agreements about reforming Chinese industrial policy or tackling Chinese state-owned companies complained about from the US. That would be important topics for US President Donald Trump.

Administration has weakened negotiating position

According to analysts, the developments are exemplary of Trump’s weakened negotiating position with regard to China. That would have to do with the unrest in the US about a possible removal procedure for Trump and the, according to companies due to the trade war, slowing down economy.

Trump employees contradict the impact of the “impeachment” on negotiations with China. If the Chinese were to see it that way, it would be a miscalculation.

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