US put Chinese camera maker on black list

The United States blacklists several Chinese companies, including the major manufacturer of surveillance cameras Hikvision. As a result of the measure, they can no longer buy American technology, comparable to what was previously done at telecommunications company Huawei in connection with espionage suspicions.

President Donald Trump’s government is concerned about the role that companies play in the Chinese oppression of the Uyghurs. That is an Islamic people in the west of the country.

For example, Hikvision’s surveillance equipment would be used in internment camps where, according to estimates, 1 million Uyghurs are being held. Hikvision is the market leader in surveillance equipment, including security cameras sold worldwide.

The blacklist message came from the US Department of Commerce. More or less simultaneously, President Donald Trump spoke to American media about trade negotiations between China and the US later this week. In doing so, he was cautiously optimistic: “We think there is a chance that we can do something very substantial.”

However, Trump also said that he hopes that China will find a humane solution to the political protests in Hong Kong and that the situation may harm the discussions. In addition, the president emphasized that he will not settle for a partial trade deal.

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