Trump demands that Turkey stops war in Syria

Trump also said he wanted to stop a trade agreement with Turkey, worth at least 100 billion dollars (more than 90 billion euros). Vice President Mike Pence also said that Trump called Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday to ask for an immediate ceasefire in Syria.

When the United States removed its troops from northeastern Syria last week, Trump was already threatening with economic sanctions if Turkey were to act inhumane when Syria invaded. “Unfortunately, Turkey does not seem to be aware of the humanitarian consequences of the invasion,” Trump said Monday.

With the support of both the Democratic and Republican parties in parliament, Trump wants to execute an order for further sanctions as quickly as possible. Those sanctions would be targeted specifically against Turkish government officials for their contribution to the military operation. He wants to deny them access to the US and seize their American property.

Turkey started the raid on northeastern Syria on Sunday after Erdogan told Trump in a phone call that he was planning to continue a long-planned action against the Kurdish allies of America in northeastern Syria.

Trump then announced that he would withdraw American troops from the region. The American president was subsequently accused by both his own party, the Democrats and foreign partners of abandoning the Kurdish forces who were jointly responsible in the area for defeating the Islamic State (IS).

The European Union condemned the Turkish invasion of Syria on Monday. All 28 Member States have also promised to limit the supply of weapons to Turkey. All foreign ministers of the EU countries have agreed that Turkey no longer meets the European conditions for receiving weapons.

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