Trump has been ‘guilty’ of abuse of power

It's what any US president is 'guilty'

Three constitutional experts said Wednesday that US President Donald Trump was guilty of offenses that justify a removal procedure. That’s what the academics in question said during a hearing of the justice committee of the American House of Representatives. However, a fourth witness stated that there is not enough evidence against Trump.

The justice committee heard the four witnesses as part of a new phase in the Trump settlement investigation. It was the first hearing of the committee charged with preparing charges against the president. If those so-called articles of impeachment come up and they are adopted by a majority of the entire House, then they will serve as indictments during a lawsuit against Trump in the Senate.

Professors Noah Feldman from Harvard University, Pamela Karlan from Stanford University and Michael Gerhardt from the University of North Carolina were invited by the Democrats. Jonathan Turley of George Washington University in Washington D.C. came at the invitation of the Republicans.

The justice committee invited President Trump and his lawyers to participate. That invitation was rejected because the White House regards the procedure as unfair.

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