With 346 death and 60 million dollar premium Dennis Muilenburg is leaving Boeing

Dennis Muilenburg, who stepped up as CEO at Boeing earlier this week, will receive a severance payment that can go up to around 60 million dollars, reports the American TV channel CNN. “A golden handshake with a dead body odor”, an indignant Geert Noels calls it on Twitter.

The 55-year-old Muilenburg, an aviation engineer with Dutch roots, left Boeing earlier this week in the aftermath of the debacle with the 737 Max aircraft.

He also receives sixty million. Incomprehensible. Also consider the difficult legal battle that the victims of the two Max disasters have to fight to get one and a half tons of compensation. Why does this proud, old company want to get in the news in such a flat way with this bling bling bonus? Wonderful, enigmatic. You just don’t understand.

How comfortable are you at your swimming pool after such a maneuver? How nice are you on the golf course? Not really relaxed anyway, due to the weathered drama in itself? So this disgrace can still be added? Is it a giant cloth for bleeding? Or a kind of bizarre psychological trick to finally be able to think in your bed at night that you were the smartest person in the whole story? The third dog that runs off with the bone?

And what about children and family? You will only walk around a university and your father will do this kind of pranks. Then you still have a whisper in the canteen? Apparently it all doesn’t matter. You just don’t get it.

What I can still imagine is that the men and women in these types of positions do not conduct the negotiations themselves, but have a financial adviser (a company with forty lawyers, somewhere thirty-high in New York). They demand ten percent of the loot, and will never accept a penny less.

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