North Korean leader Kim Jong-un: the new strategic weapon will be presented soon

North Korea is no longer committed to its commitment not to test nuclear weapons and intercontinental missiles for the time being, and will soon be presenting a new “strategic weapon”. That the leader of the dictatorship Kim Jong-un said Tuesday, reports AP agency. Kim is not happy that the sanctions negotiations with the United States have stalled.

Kim has been putting pressure on the US for some time in the hope that sanctions against his country will be relieved. The dictator spoke with US President Donald Trump in June 2018 to work on the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, but it was not yet possible to reach an agreement on the actual implementation of that agreement. Kim wants to renegotiate this with the US.

What Kim meant by a “strategic weapon” on Tuesday was not entirely clear in the speech. Usually the term refers to a long-range rocket that could be equipped with an atomic head. The country already has the technology for such a weapon, as recent tests have shown.

It is unlikely that long-range missile or nuclear weapon tests will be resumed shortly, says North Korea expert Dongguk University Koh Dong-hwan in the South Korean capital Seoul to AP. “If you are developing an unfinished nuclear weapons program, you run test after test to create a crisis that forces your opponent to negotiate,” said the South Korean government researcher and adviser. “But once you have obtained a strategic (nuclear) status and want to anchor that position, you do so in silence, without provocative testing, just as India and Pakistan did.”

For the time being, Kim’s ultimatum has not led to movement on the American side. Donald Trump was not worried on Tuesday either. “Look, he likes me, I like him, we can get along,” the president said prior to his New Year’s Eve party at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. “But he has signed a contract, he has signed an agreement that speaks of nuclear disarmament … I believe he is a man of his word, so we will find out, but I think he is a man of his word. ”

North Korea has not been testing nuclear weapons or intercontinental ballistic missiles for seventeen months. It did, however, do a number of tests with missiles that could cover shorter distances. The US wants full, irreversible and controllable dismantling of the nuclear weapons arsenal from North Korea – a requirement the country has often called “gangster-like”. North Korea only wants to disarm in a step-by-step way if the US always has something to offer.

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