Former Pope Benedict attacks Francis in the back

When the German Pope Ratzinger resigned, he vowed that he would absolutely not interfere with the policy of his successor

He did not adhere to it for a day. From the beginning, he published books, gave interviews, and got in the way of the new pope. He mainly tried to give support to the conservative current that Francis is trying to inhibit.

The now very old pope – 92 – is now doing hard again. A book appears in which Benedict turns against the cautious attempts of his successor to alleviate priest celibacy. In the book, the ex-pope and two followers of his primal conservative doctrine argue that it is reprehensible to think about alternatives to celibacy. According to Benedict, it is the core of the church. It is not the case for many other Churches, however and is only a tradition which is in contradiction with the early Christian Church.

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