Second death by enigmatic new virus reported in China

The fatal victim would be a 69-year-old man. A 61-year-old man also died of the virus earlier. The coronavirus broke out in December in the metropolis of Wuhan in eastern China. The outbreak can be traced back to a fish market where other animals are also sold. The market has been closed since January 1 and is being investigated.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned of a possible worldwide spread of the virus.

In the meantime, infections have been detected in three countries. A Thai woman was placed in quarantine last week after she landed in Bangkok from Wuhan. The virus was also diagnosed on Friday at another Thai woman of 74 years. Thai authorities say there is no national outbreak of the virus and calls on the population to remain calm.

In the night from Wednesday to Thursday, it was announced that a thirty-year-old man from Japan was also infected. He is said to have largely recovered and has been released from the hospital.

Much uncertainty about the virus

There is still much unclear about the virus. Thus it is not yet certain that the disease can be transmitted from person to person. The symptoms of the corona virus can range from a cold to a life-threatening form of pneumonia. China is taking measures to prevent further spread. For example, airport controls are being tightened. For example, people are checked for an elevated body temperature

Between 2002 and 2003, seven hundred people died in China during an outbreak of a similar virus. Eight thousand people in 26 different countries became infected at the time. This form of pneumonia has not been seen in China since 2004.

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