Former advisor confirms: Trump linked aid to Ukraine to corruption investigation

Trump is on trial in the Senate for this matter. He would have used his power for his own political gain by linking support to Ukraine to a Biden investigation. Then Trump would have thwarted the investigation into his actions. The president could be dropped off at the end of the trial.

Bolton’s statement goes against the defense of Trump who says that the cessation of aid and the request to start an investigation into Biden are unrelated. Bolton resigned in September last year after disagreement with Trump.

Military aid to Ukraine was suspended by the US for some time. Eventually Trump decided to deliver the supplies again under political pressure from the House of Representatives.

The White House did not want to respond to a request for comment on Sunday evening. Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who played a prominent role in the Ukraine affair, said in a response: “I have always respected and liked John. And I’ve always defended him against people who claimed how irresponsible he was. But I was wrong. ”

The Democrats use the Bolton report to reinforce their call to allow witnesses and new evidence in the deposition process.

“There can now be no more doubt that Bolton directly contradicts the president’s defense. That is why we must admit witnesses to the trial, “the prosecutors said in a statement. “There is no good reason to wait until the book is published if its information is so important.”

Trump told Wednesday reporters in Davos, Switzerland, that he did not want Bolton to testify before the Senate. “The problem with John is that he is a national security issue,” Trump said.

“He knows my thoughts. He knows how I feel about certain world leaders. What happens if he reveals what I think about a certain leader and it is not very positive? That will make my work very difficult.”

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