Buttigieg wins Iowa primaries with minimal difference from Sanders

As Biden and Warren are left behind

The Democratic Party declared Pete Buttigieg the winner of the primaries in the US state of Iowa on Friday. He won with a minimal difference from rival Bernie Sanders.

Sanders got more votes in total, but Buttigieg had more delegates or electors on his hand: 26.2 compared to 26.1 percent of all delegates.

Other political heavyweights, such as Senator Elizabeth Warren and former Vice President Joe Biden, finished in third and fourth place respectively with 18 and 15.8 percent of the delegates.

Before the primaries in Iowa, Buttigieg was seen as an outsider for the win and therefore celebrates a somewhat unexpected victory. In earlier counts he already declared himself the winner, although Sanders did so because he received the most votes.

The result took almost three full days to complete due to technical problems with a specially developed app and the final word on that has not yet been said.

On Thursday evening the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Tom Perez, said that he is calling for a recount. “Enough is enough, we must be able to guarantee our voters in Iowa accuracy.”

After all votes were counted, AP news agency did not dare to designate a winner; the margin of 0.09 percentage point would be too small for that.

Sanders said in conversation with CNN that, according to him, a recount is not necessary, although he was just behind Buttigieg in interim counts. He has shifted the focus to the next primacy – on February 11 in New Hampshire – according to the 78-year-old senator.

In the following months, many other US states are visited before the elected Democratic presidential candidate is likely to face the incumbent Republican President Donald Trump on November 3.

The new but still faltering app is being ignored in the Nevada elections, where it would initially also be tested.

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