Harsh policies of Chinese Re-educational camps revealed in hefty 137-page report

China sends Uyghurs to prison camps for, among other things, wearing beards, clicking on internet links that lead to foreign pages or because they had online contact with people in other countries. That would appear from leaked state documents that the BBC has viewed.

The 137 pages of documents allegedly came from the same source that revealed last year how China was brainwashing hundreds of thousands, mainly Uighur, Muslims in highly secured prison camps.

The documents contain the data of more than three thousand people from the western Sinkiang region. The daily life of these people is described and of which they are suspected. Of their 311 people, their personal background is described, as well as their religious habits and personal relationships with friends, neighbors and family.

The persons often also have a punishment imposed and, for example, whether released persons must return to the camps.

The reasons for punishment vary greatly. For example, a person had to be “re-educated” because he clicked on an internet link and accidentally came to a foreign website.

Another man would “not pose a practical danger”, but since he had applied for a passport and therefore wanted to travel abroad, that was enough reason to lock him up in the camp.

Because of wearing a “thick two-tone beard and organizing religious study groups”, a man had to go to camp for five years.

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