Trump claims that corona virus comes from a Chinese lab

As for now it lacks evidence

US President Donald Trump said at a news conference on Thursday that he seriously takes into account that the coronavirus comes from a Chinese laboratory, but declined to release anything about the evidence that would be before.

However, Trump claims to have seen evidence that gave him a “high degree of confidence” that the virus originated at the Virological Institute in Wuhan.

However, he was unable to share details about it. “I’m not allowed to say anything about that,” said Trump, who relied on an ongoing investigation.

The virological institute has denied the allegation. White House employees are not nearly as certain as the president that the virus originated in the Chinese laboratory; US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said it is not known whether the virus came from the laboratory.

Most health experts assume that the virus comes from an animal and that it has spread to humans at a market in Wuhan where wildlife is trafficked.

Trump’s allegation follows earlier accusations made by the US President against China regarding the coronavirus. For example, he said earlier that his government would investigate whether the virus was not artificially manufactured by the Chinese government and has accidentally escaped.

“We’re all going to figure it out,” Trump said Thursday. “Something terrible has happened. Whether it was an error or an accumulation of errors. Or perhaps someone did something deliberately?”

More than one million corona infections have been registered in the United States and more than 60,000 COVID-19 patients have died.

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